Summer Gallery Wall Inspiration

Artists (clockwise from the far left): Eric Vozzola, Niqui Carter, Regan Corbett, Molly Goldfarb, PC Witte, Thais Silva, Stephanie Barenz, Melissa ArendtThe calendar tells us it’s summer but many of…

Artists (clockwise from the far left): Eric Vozzola, Niqui Carter, Regan Corbett, Molly Goldfarb, PC Witte, Thais Silva, Stephanie Barenz, Melissa Arendt

The calendar tells us it’s summer but many of the rituals of summer are understandably absent this year.

How can we bring some lush summer vibes inside so we can enjoy the season from the comfort of our own homes?

At KBFA we are big fans of gallery walls so naturally our minds went to a summer gallery wall refresh. We’ve pulled some pieces of art from a few of our favorite artists and designed a gallery wall tribute to the best days of summer. It’s the visual equivalent of the smell of sunblock, the tinkle of an ice cream truck, an unfortunate tan line, and a chilly poolside cocktail.

Let’s dive in and get inspired!

Artist Spotlights

Niqui Carter is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose Mexico series is the perfect encapsulation of the beauty and peacefulness of a summer vacation south of the border. The light, the color, the trees and the vignettes of traditional architecture are a love letter to places we can’t wait to return to someday soon.

PC Witte is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and muralist whose bright, high-contrast art brings the summer fun all year round. No doubt inspired by her own neighborhood, PC Witte often features pools, the ocean, beach bodies and skate culture that makes her work a natural addition to a fun summer-themed gallery wall.

Thais Silva is a Brazilian collage artist whose work references her strong internal dualities, the result of splitting her childhood between the rural countryside of Espírito Santo and urban Petrópolis. Her work helps her understand her own identity better and strengthens her connection to her roots as an African and Amerindian woman. There’s something so universal and yet so specific about her piece with the two boys riding a single bike in a rainbow gradient stand-in for the summer sun. We think this piece adds a layer of complexity and resonance that even the most playful gallery wall benefits from.

Melissa Arendt is a native Californian artist whose work “serves as a fragmented record of life on Earth”. These three pieces in her “Nugget” series reflect a post-summer vacation memory palace we’re all often left with come late September.

We just love projects that give us that summer feeling all year round. To see some of our favorite sunkissed properties from the recent past, check out these projects featured on our website.

Loews Royal PacificW HotelThe Diplomat

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