Art with a Summer State of Mind

In honor of the last days of summer, we’d like to take you on a getaway to three recent beachside projects that we hope will help make the season last…

In honor of the last days of summer, we’d like to take you on a getaway to three recent beachside projects that we hope will help make the season last a bit longer. From South Florida to Maui, we have been bringing the sunshine, waves and poolside cocktail feeling indoors and we are eager to share a few of our “vacation snapshots” with you.

The Reach Key West – Curio Collection by Hilton

Key West, Florida

‘Carribean playground’ was the design directive, and KBFA’s art curation brought carefree tropical charm to the interior decor of The Reach Key West. In the resort’s Four Marlins oceanfront restaurant, we commissioned functional rope art dividers in classical, nautical colors. Along the corridors, dip-dyed netting that references a fishermans’ net is draped in a wave-like arch across shiplap. A nearby gallery wall features two original pieces by fiber artist Candice Luter mixed in with historical photographs of the area, vintage travel posters, and embellished giclées in warm, Carribean colors. On the restaurant’s patio, a Dave Lavernia mural featuring one of Key West’s ever-present roosters is a playful statement art piece that is sure to inspire many an Instagrammable moment.

Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach Downtown

West Palm Beach, Florida

Native to India and Pakistan, Banyan trees are known for their aerial roots and ability to grow to a massive size that often envelopes neighboring buildings. South Florida is the only place in North America where you can live amongst these giants, and the Banyan tree has become a symbol of the tropical beauty of the region.

For the lobby of the Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach Downtown, Kevin Barry Art Advisory worked with artisans to create a large-scale sculptural art installation inspired by the aerial roots of the Banyan tree. The long tendrils of the sculpture hang suspended from the ceiling above lounging guests in the seating area below. At night the effect of the hundreds of tiny lights embedded in the root structure glittering like clusters of stars is spectacular.

Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

Maui, Hawaii

Ever since its arrival with Polynesian settlers, the kukui nut has become an integral part of Hawaiian cultural life. The kukui nut tree even has the distinction of being Hawaii’s official state tree since 1959.

Working with a design directive that focused on native Hawaiian arts and culture, KBAA commissioned a custom-designed set of dividers by artist Laura Stewart for the Fairmont Kea Lani made of kukui nuts. Incorporating these delicate strands of nuts into a piece of functional art is an example of creative solutions to address practical needs.

Still feel like the summer is over way too soon? Check out a few more of our resort projects that we hope will help transport you to a tropical paradise.

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